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Know your Camelid! Is it a llama, alpaca, guanaco or vicuña?

Western kids are brought up knowing the differences between sheep and goats and ducks and geese, but show an adult American or European a picture of any of the four South American camelids and there’s a 99% chance he’ll say “Llama!” and pull a funny face. If you’re planning a trip to the Andean regions you owe it to your hosts to learn a bit about llamas, alpacas, guanacos and vicuñas before you go.

The camelid family

Although this blog is all about telling the differences between the four South American species it makes sense to look first at the similarities before we start revealing the differences.

All camelid species developed from a single ancestor in North America about forty million years ago. Around 3 million years ago migration began, which is a good thing because the North American population was wiped out in the last ice age. The animals which headed South evolved into guanacos, vicuñas, llamas and alpacas, while those which headed East became camels.

Llama at MP Jose M Orsini

Llama at Machu Picchu (Picture: Jose M Orsini)

Here are a few outward characteristics which all camelids share…

  • They don’t have horns
  • They don’t have hooves. Instead they have two-toed feet with toenails and soft foot pads.
  • Their upper lips are split in two and each part is separately mobile.
  • They walk by moving both legs on the same side simultaneously, in a sort of left-right-left march. That’s why they have such a distinctive sway when you ride them.
  • They do spit when they get angry, but they don’t often get angry at humans.

And now some internal anatomical characteristics…

  • They have three-chambered stomachs
  • They’re the only mammal species to have elliptical red blood cells.
  • They also possess a unique type of antibody which is currently being used for ground-breaking pharmaceutical research.


The easiest way to spot a llama is by its size. Llamas are far and away the largest South American camelid, attaining weights of as much as 440lb. Although Middle Eastern camels can weigh five times this, there’s nothing in South America which comes close to resembling an adult llama. The lifespan of a llama ranges from 15 to 30 years.

Llama Lago Colorado Bolivia Phil Whitehouse

A llama at Lago Colorado at the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. (Picture: Phil Whitehouse)

Llamas are the domesticated form of the guanaco, and these two species share the same coarse hair which in Inca times was ‘only fit for commoners’ clothes’ (in reality the undercoat is extremely soft, although not as soft as alpaca wool). Ever since their domestication about 5000 years ago llamas have been used predominantly as pack animals, and in many parts of the Andes they are still the only form of transportation. They are also used for their meat and their wool and, interestingly, they also make pretty good guard animals.


Alpacas aren’t only a lot smaller than llamas, they are also much, much woolier. The only time you’ll ever confuse an alpaca with a llama is when an adolescent alpaca has just been sheared. The other obvious different between the two species lies in their ears: alpacas have symmetrical, pear-shaped ears, while llamas have longer, wonkier ears which look a bit like bananas. Alpacas usually have a ‘top knot’ hairdo and are quite often dressed up like prize poodles by their owners – especially in touristy areas. Alpacas weigh between 100 and 175lbs and can live as long as 25 years.

Alpacas Christophe Meneboeuf

A pair of Huacaya alpacas. (Picture: Christophe Meneboeuf)

Recent DNA testing has confirmed that alpacas are the domesticated form of the vicuña, which is where they get their incredible wool and nimble dimensions from. Alpaca wool is one of the most sought after fibers in the world. It’s hypo-allergenic and is warmer and softer than lambs’ wool and more hard-wearing and exclusive than cashmere. Check out this link to find out where to buy alpaca wool products in Peru. There are two subspecies of Alpaca: the fluffy, teddy-like Huacaya alpacas and the long-haired Suri alpacas.


A suri alpaca in all its shaggy glory.


Weighing in at 200lb, guanacos are much bigger than vicuñas (the other wild species of South American camelid) but they are a lot smaller than their domesticated form, the llama. The other major difference between guanacos and llamas is their color: llamas can be white, gray, brown, black or piebald but all guanacos have brownish backs, white underparts and grey faces with small straight ears.

Guanaco Jan Reurink

The distinctive color patterns of the guanaco. (Picture: Jan Reurink)

The guanaco is an extremely versatile animal, and its territory ranges from Ecuador and Colombia in the North to Patagonia and even Tierra del Fuego in the South. Guanacos can live at extremely high altitudes, and they can also survive on very little water, as is evidenced by the populations in the Atacama desert. Guanaco wool is better than llama wool (especially the soft undercoat) but is considered inferior to alpaca or vicuña wool.


The sleek, delicate vicuña is my favourite Andean animal, but if it hadn’t been for a concerted conservation effort in the second half of the twentieth century I may never have gotten to see one. The vicuña’s charming, slender form (they weigh under 150lb) and soft, heavenly wool are also its greatest enemies. Vicuñas only produce about a pound of wool every year: that’s not a lot of wool, especially when you take into account the fact that their life expectancy is only 20 years.

Vicuna Alessando Caproni

The elegant vicuña. (Picture: Alessandro Caponi)

During Inca times the vicuña was a protected species, and only royalty were allowed to wear clothing made from its wool, but when the Spanish arrived vicuña hunting was deregulated. This situation continued until 1964, when the global population reached an all-time low of around 6000. Nowadays there are around 350,000 animals in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and the northern parts of Argentina and Chile, but the vicuña remains an endangered species. To prevent poaching, wild vicuñas are caught and sheared every year. Their wool can fetch prices of $3,000 and is even more desirable than alpaca wool.

In case you were wondering, the cover picture of this post shows a silhouetted guanaco. It was taken by Justin Jensen.

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Nick is a nomadic freelance writer with a particular passion for Latin America. He has lived in Argentina and Bolivia and traveled just about everywhere else. He gets excited about wine, language, literature, trout and cheese.

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    The Great Inca Trail

    The journey continues! Day 63 – Value Creation Along Long-Distance Hiking Trails

    Day 63 – Value Creation Along Long-Distance Hiking Trails

    *Versión en español abajo*

    When I first envisioned trekking 2,000 miles in the Andes along #TheGreatIncaTrail, I had just walked a

    Sierra City is a small town of a few hundred people that was once dependent on mining during the California gold rush, although now relies on an economy of tourism, a big part of which is the hundreds of trekkers passing through on the Pacific Crest Trail. If this little town could extract value from such a trail, surely the monumental size and history of the Great Inca Trail could do the same for the towns of the Andes in Peru…It was a simple idea two years ago that began this journey.

    All the while the municipality of Huamachuco (where mining also plays a big role), that beholds one of the most impressive sections of the Great Inca trail known as “Escalerillas” understood this potential. They were just waiting for those intrepid explorers to arrive, give them a warm welcome and create value for their community through tourism. They succeeded in this goal and we are extremely grateful and blessed to collaborate with them on a vision of what The Great Inca Trail can become throughout the #Andes.

    On a day when the humans and llamas of our expedition team are resting, we leave you with an unforgettable day last week, made possible by the Inca’s 600 years ago and the municipality of Huamachuco in 2017.

    Nick Stanziano
    Chief Explorer
    SA Expeditions


    Dia 63 – Creación de valor a lo largo de importantes caminos para trekking

    La primera vez que vino a mi mente la idea de caminar 3,200 kilómetros por el #ElGranCaminoInca fue cuando terminé un tercer día de trayecto por el #SenderodelMacizodelPacífico – camino que se extiende por 4,300 kilómetros desde México hasta Canadá- llegando finalmente, en ese momento, a un pequeño pueblo llamado Sierra City en Sierra Nevada, en las montañas altas de California.

    Sierra City es una pequeña ciudad de pocos cientos de habitantes quienes dependieron únicamente de la minería, sobretodo en la época de la fiebredeloro en California. Sin embargo, en la actualidad el crecimiento económico se desarrolla gracias al turismo, en donde una gran parte de turistas atraviesan y siguen el rastro del Sendero del Macizo del Pacífico. Si esta pequeña ciudad pudo extraer gran valor de este sendero, seguramente y gracias al monumental tamaño e historia del Gran Camino Inca se podrían desarrollar los mismos beneficios en los pueblos de los Andes en Perú … Hace dos años esta fue la idea que inicio el proceso para esta gran expedición.

    Mientras tanto, la municipalidad de Huamachuco (en donde la minería también juega un papel importante) entiende el potencial que posee al contar con una de las secciones más impresionantes de El Gran Camino Inca, conocido como “Escalerillas”. El pueblo y las autoridades estaban esperando a aquellos intrépidos exploradores para darles una cordial bienvenida y poder generar valor en la comunidad a través del turismo. Ellos han tenido éxito en esta labor y nos encontramos extremadamente agradecidos y bendecidos de poder colaborar con ellos en la visión de lo que se puede conseguir en este gran camino ubicado a lo largo de los Andes.

    En un día en que nosotros junto a los animales de nuestro equipo de expedición nos encontramos descansando, les queremos dejar con lo que fue día inolvidable durante la semana pasada gracias al trabajo de los Incas -hace 600 años- y a la Municipalidad De Huamachuco -en la actualidad-.

    Nick Stanziano
    Jefe Explorador
    SA Expeditions See more

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    The Great Inca Trail

    Day 45 of the Great Inca Trail trek and going strong! See a collection of the best Qhapaq Ñan road pics we’ve gathered so far.

    Day 45 – Unbelievable snapshots of The Great Inca Trail

    *Versión en español abajo*

    #TheGreatIncaTrail connects the two capitals of the #Inca empire over 2,000 miles between #Tomebamba (near

    In 2017, forty-five days since beginning our long march from #Cuenca to #Cusco, we find ourselves in the town of #Huambos resupplying and reflecting on our adventure so far. In this spirit, we leave you with snapshots of this great road along our journey so far. Stay tuned to “The Great Inca Trail” on Facebook and Instagram as we explore one of mankind’s great public works for another hundred days in route to Cusco.

    Nick Stanziano
    Chief Explorer
    SA Expeditions


    Día 45 – Grandiosas imágenes del Gran Camino Inca

    #ElGranCaminoInca conecta las dos capitales del imperio #Inca sobre 3,200 kilómetros entre #Tomebamba (actualmente Cuenca, #Ecuador) y Cusco, #Perú. El #QhapaqÑan, es la columna vertebral de una red de carreteras #andinas que se extienden por más de 40,200 kilómetros en seis países, conectando un #imperio, el más avanzado y poderoso, antes de la llegada de los españoles a América.

    Este 2017, cuarenta y cinco días desde el inicio de esta larga expedición, partiendo de #Cuenca en dirección a #Cusco, nos encontramos en la ciudad de #Huambos reponiendo suministros y reflexionando sobre nuestra aventura.
    Con este espíritu, les dejamos imágenes de este gran camino por donde hemos avanzando hasta el momento.
    Manténganse atentos las redes sociales, Facebook e Instagram en “El Gran Camino Inca” mientras exploramos por otros cien días más una de las más grandes obras públicas de la humanidad.

    Nick Stanziano
    Jefe Explorador
    SA Expeditions See more

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    Timeline Photos

    La Boca is a neighborhood in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires. It retains a strong European flavor, with many of its early settlers being from the Italian city of Genoa.
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    Timeline Photos

    La Boca is a neighborhood in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires. It retains a strong European flavor, with many of its early settlers being from the Italian city of Genoa.
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    Timeline Photos

    Dear Kim, We returned home early this morning from an absolutely fabulous trip to Lima, Cusco, and Machu Picchu that you prepared for my wife and me and our grandson Liam. From the

    Every hotel that you selected for us in Lima, Cusco, and Aguas Calientes was superb. Every tour that you arranged for us in each of those areas was interesting to Liam, as well as Grandma and Popa. You made certain that interspersed with Inka history there were adequate activities that you knew would fascinate a 13-year old boy. A really big hit was the chocolate tour were we learned about the process of making chocolate, from the harvesting of the cocoa bean to making our own chocolate candy, which we were able to bring home with us.

    Percy, our tour guide in Lima, was quite knowledgeable, and gave us a very good overview of the history of Lima in the short time we were there. The tour of the Museo Larco, where Percy was able to distill the 45,000 Inka artifacts into a visit that all 3 of us enjoyed, was the highlight of our Lima visit. Lima is definitely a city we wished we would have had more time to explore further.

    Of course, the highlight of our trip was the visit to Cusco and Machu Picchu, and we could not have asked for a better guide than Johan Sueros and our very skillful driver, Abel. Shortly prior to leaving on our journey when you sent us our final itinerary, you told me that we were going to have the absolute best guide, Johan. You could not have been more accurate. He is bright, articulate, totally fluent in English, kind and just an altogether sweet person. On the drive from Cusco to Aguas Calientes we stopped by a small town, Maras, where we visited an acquaintance of Johan’s, a 92-year old man who has been hand-making hats for more than 40 years. What an absolutely delightful man and very fun visit, where we tried on some of the typical hats of Maras.

    Johan is passionate about his Incan heritage, and he brought Machu Picchu and the Incan culture alive for us. He was totally flexible, and gave us options when he realized that perhaps the long climb up the nearly 1000 steps of the very steep mountain for the best view of Machu Picchu might be difficult for us. He wanted us to be happy and to enjoy our visit. I realize that he has been doing this for a number of years, but Johan has an uncanny ability to time things so perfectly, that there is very little down time, where you are waiting for a bus or a train. When he says you’ll be at a restaurant at a specific time or back in Cusco at a specific time, you can count on it. He tried and succeeded in satisfying all of our needs.

    As you know, on our last day in Cusco, Liam was ill, and we needed to cancel horseback riding that we had scheduled for that morning. Even though we had already said our good-byes to Johan the night before, I contacted him around 8:30AM to cancel the tour. He immediately got in touch with you, at 5:45AM PST. Within in minutes you had everything under control, inquiring if we needed a physician to see Liam. Fortunately, I think he was just exhausted, and by the afternoon he was back to himself. However, mid-morning I received a phone call from your local representative in Peru inquiring about Liam’s health, again offering a physician if needed, and offering to contact the hotel in Cusco to extend our check-out time.

    Kim, as you remember, we had some very specific issues that you had to address before we even left for our trip. You had to be certain that any provided meal, be it box lunch (which was excellent), or lunch on the road, or dinner in Aguas Calientes, had to be vegetarian. You had to make certain that we returned from zip lining by a specific time on Friday afternoon. Several days before we were scheduled to arrive, I changed our itinerary to add an additional day in Lima. You handled each and every request expertly.

    I found SA Expeditions in July, 2016, just by searching the internet for companies that provided tours in Peru. I read the reviews on the company, and was impressed, but also a bit skeptical. After all, I was trusting a company in California that I didn’t personally know to plan and execute a trip to Peru that wasn’t going to take place until February, 2017. Well, now I am a believer! You, SA Expeditions, the guides, the drivers, the hotels, the tours, etc. have all exceeded our expectations. Thank you!

    With sincere appreciation,

    – Eddie & Shelley S (Connecticut)
    Photographed at Machu Picchu See more

    1 month ago

    Is Rio de Janeiro Safe?

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    The Great Inca Trail

    The Journey Continues! Follow the adventure day-by-day on the treks facebook page, ‘The Great Inca Trail.’

    *Versión en español abajo*

    April 30 – Day 19

    Our local guide, Shanta, also happens to have one of the best restaurants in Vilcabamba, named after him. It was a natural place to go and meet one

    They also have a mountain of information, at their home in Vilcabamba, which they graciously invited us over to review. Eventually, sending us on our way, with the most detailed maps I’ve ever seen of Peru. The ESCALE maps, published by Peru’s Ministry of Education, will be of great help and supplement the maps that Ricardo Espinosa published in “La Gran Ruta Inca”, a bible of sorts, for our expedition. Espinosa’s maps focus on the location and remanence of the The Great Inca Trail from Quito, Ecuador to La Paz, Bolivia, which he walked for 7 months in the early 2000’s.

    After all the analysis and conversation at Shanta and the Kunstaetter’s home, we found ourselves reconnecting with The Great Inca Trail today after 15 miles and over 6,000 feet of ascent, over two mountains. It was a tough, steep day, with our new local guide, Tuco, who has a ranch, at the only suitable camp within the entire day’s walk. Tomorrow, we continue on The Great Inca Trail through a non-native, out of control pine forest, hopefully making it through, to the road towards Amaluza.

    Nick Stanziano
    Chief Supervisor
    SA Expeditions


    30 de Abril – Día 19

    Shanta, el guía de la localidad, no sólo conoce muy bien esta parte del territorio sino que también tiene uno de los mejores restaurantes en Vilcabamba bajo su nombre. Este lugar fue ideal para conocer a una pareja experta en expediciones conformada por Robert y Daisy Kunstaetter quienes juntos, han caminado miles de kilómetros en Ecuador, Perú y Bolivia, y desarrollaron una de las guías más completas que convirtieron luego en un libro llamado “Trekking in Ecuador”. En Junio de este año un segundo libro llamado “Trekking in Peru” saldrá a la venta y considero tendrá el mismo impacto que la primera mencionada.

    Esta pareja de esposos cuenta con una cantidad enorme de información. Ellos nos invitaron a su casa en Vilcabamba para poder conversar y observar lo que tienen. Luego de una productiva reunión retomamos nuestra caminata llevando a la mano los mapas más detallados que he visto del Perú. Los mapas ESCALE, publicados por el Ministerio de Educación del Perú, serán de gran ayuda y complementarán los mapas que Ricardo Espinosa publicó en “La Gran Ruta Inca” – una especie de Biblia en nuestra expedición -. Los mapas de Espinosa se centran en la localización y remanencia del Gran Camino Inca desde Quito, Ecuador a La Paz, Bolivia, por donde él caminó durante siete meses a principios del año 2000.

    Después de la reunión y todo el análisis en Shanta y en la casa de los Kunstaetter, volvimos a encontrar la ruta del Gran Camino Inca después de 24 kilómetros y ascender 1,800 metros cruzando dos montañas. Fue un día muy difícil con muchas zonas empinadas.
    Esta vez nos acompaña un nuevo guía de la localidad, Tuco, quien es propietario de una finca. Este fue el único lugar adecuado que encontramos para acampar en todo el trayecto de la caminata de hoy. Mañana continuaremos por el Gran Camino Inca a través de un bosque con gran presencia de pinos que esperamos poder atravesar y continuar la marcha en dirección a Amaluza.

    Nick Stanziano
    Jefe Explorador
    SA Expeditions. See more

    2 months ago

    Introducing Mendoza, Argentina’s wine capital

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    The Malbecs are mouth-watering, the wineries cutting edge and the Andes resplendent. Every way you look at it, Mendoza is a delight

    2 months ago

    The Great Inca Trail

    The journey has begun!

    The expedition is about to begin!

    2 months ago

    Palacio Nazarenas is top of world’s top 10 best-rated luxury hotels

    For a worthwhile splurge during your trip to Peru, consider the top rated luxury 5-star Belmond Palacio Nazarenas hotel.
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    The five-star Palacio Nazarenas, set in a tranquil plaza behind Cusco’s main square in Peru, came out on top of nearly 900,000 online hotel reviews.

    2 months ago

    2 months ago

    Timeline Photos

    When you’re in Rio de Janiero a stop by the classic eatery Confeitaria Colombo is in order. At the turn of the 20th century, the building that houses Colombo Confectionery was Rio’s preeminent

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    2 months ago

    Timeline Photos

    Nick Dall is next in our #sauniverse series that introduces all the people around the world that allow us to build life changing experiences.

    Nick is a man of letters and words, someone who

    As editor of the SA Expeditions travel blog, he has curated hundreds of pieces that give insight into the culture and history of South America. And he’s no armchair blog manager either: he will be joining us on our great Qhapaq Ñan expedition in 2017 to paint a vivid textual picture of the trek for your eyes only. Nick’s work as a journalist has seen him fishing for trout in Patagonia, attending baroque recitals in Chiquitania and interviewing the pioneer of eco-tourism in Peru.

    SA Expeditions has a voice…It’s the voice of our clients talking about their experiences, it’s the voice of its explorers on the Qhapaq Ñan, it’s the voice of Nick presenting the wonders of South America in words and pictures. Come and be inspired by our blog, curated and cared for by Nick. We promise it’ll make you want to pack your bags!

    Cheers to Nick! The #sauniverse looks forward to continuing our journey of enlightenment through travel with you. See more

    2 months ago

    Easter Island: Separating Fact From Fiction

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    Easter Island, Rapa Nui, Isla de Pascua…Whatever name you give this island thousands of miles from anything and littered with almost 900 moai, it is without d

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    Explore The Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica, Peru

    Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica is one of our favorite luxury lodges in the Peruvian Amazon. See what the business magazine Forbes has to say about the unique once in a lifetime experience.
    #amazon See more

    TAMBOPATA NATIONAL RESERVE, Peru – A trip into the part of the Amazon that’s known as the Bioviersity Capital of Peru is about as magical as you would imagine it to be.

    3 months ago

    Timeline Photos

    Since pre-Inca times, salt has been obtained in Maras, Peru by evaporating salty water from a local subterranean stream. The highly salty water emerges at a spring, a natural outlet of the See more

    3 months ago

    World’s first fluorescent frog discovered in South America

    Neon Frogs, more than just science fiction. #amazon #frogs #fluoresce #southamerica See more

    In normal light the polka-dot tree frog has a dull complexion – but under UV light it glows bright green

    3 months ago

    Experiencing Antarctica is easier than you think

    Visiting Antarctica has never been easier than it is now…
    #antarctica #expeditions #penguins #icebergs #polarbears

    What do you get the man who has everything? A ticket to Antarctica of course. With icebergs, penguins, whales and more, it’s the very definition of a bucket list destination

    3 months ago

    Guinea pigs: A popular Peruvian delicacy – BBC News

    Did/Will you try guinea pig during your visit to Peru?
    #peru #guineapig #peruvianfood #yumm

    Guinea pigs may be seen as pets in the UK, but in Peru they are an increasingly popular delicacy.

    3 months ago

    Timeline Photos

    Nick Stanziano is next in our #saexpeditionsuniverse series that introduces all the people around the world that allow us to build life changing experiences.

    Nick began life in a small town, on a

    Nick sees himself as part of a wave of human endeavor that accelerated 600 years ago, in renaissance Europe, as artists, scientists and merchants began to utilize reason to understand the physical and psychological frontiers of humanity. By the 17th century, traveling purely for curiosity arose when Englishman Richard Lassel gave advice that all “young lords” take “the Grand Tour” to better understand their world and prepare for their role in it. It was later in the 21st century that one could not only travel for curiosity, but also build a business around it and name it SA Expeditions.

    Nick is a dreamer, a thinker, someone that will always wonder at what lies beyond. It’s why he conceptualizes his position as Chief Explorer, a role that feeds the soul of our organization with adventure and curiosity. His most recent and most ambitious exploration yet will bring the world on a 2,000 walk across the Andes along the great Inca Road, known as the Qhapaq Nan. He will be taking his grand tour of that faraway place, to better understand our world and how our clients can play a role in it.

    Cheers to Nick! The #saexpeditionsuniverse looks forward to continuing our journey of enlightenment through travel with you. See more

    3 months ago

    6 women to thank every time you fly

    March 8th 2017 is International Women’s Day. Here are six women to thank every time you fly.
    #internationalwomensday #trendsetters #aviation #changemakers

    Thought aviation was a man’s world? Think again. These six women transformed the way you fly today

    3 months ago

    CLIENT REVIEW: Trip planned by destination expert Staci Steele.

    “My husband and I just returned from an absolutely spectacular trip to Chile and Argentina planned by SA Luxury Expeditions. Not only

    The thing that really blew me away, though, was the crescendo of the trip. While everything we did and everywhere we stayed was top-notch, each successive stop and activity just got a little more wonderful than the last. The result was a truly fantastic week and a half that we’ll always cherish. I highly recommend SA Luxury Expeditions to anyone looking to travel in South America, whether you’re looking for a low-key trip or an action-packed adventure. We got a wonderful mix of both and enjoyed every second of it!”
    #chile #argentina #patagonia See more

    3 months ago

    ‘We are rewriting the textbooks’: first dives to Amazon coral reef stun scientists


    Scientists have discovered the river reef is far bigger, and more important, than first thought – a biodiversity hotspot on a par with the Great Barrier Reef. Now they face a race to protect it See more

    3 months ago

    Timeline Photos

    The Copacabana neighborhood is located in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and is known for its 2.5 miles Balneario Beach, one of the most famous in the world. During the 2016 Olympics in See more

    3 months ago

    Timeline Photos

    Ecuador, traditionally a prominant South American producer of cacao is stepping into a new light as its chocolateers are gaining noteriety on the world stage.
    #chocolate #ecuador #pacari See more

    3 months ago

    Friday February 24th marked the start of Carnival 2017 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The lively celebration which includes live music, street performances, dancing, floats and costumes, attracts

    The word Carnival originates from the Portuguese ‘Carne Vale’, interpreted as ‘Farewell to meat’. The phrase refers to the Carnival as being the ultimate celebration before a period of abstinence from alcohol, meat and pleasure during Lent. Brazil’s Carnival began in the 1830s as a continuation of the Portuguese tradition, though, Rio’s Carnival has a unique style, which is mainly attributed to the influence of African immigrant slaves, famous for their spectacular musical abilities which gave life to the first samba rhythms.

    #Rio #Carnival #Samba #Brazil See more

    4 months ago

    The science behind why you should spend money on family holidays instead of toys

    #familyvacation #happychild #giveexperiences

    Parents have been wasting hundreds of pounds on toys, according to one of Britain’s leading child psychologists and should be spending their money on holidays instead.

    4 months ago

    One of our favorite travel testimonial comes from Danielle Vogel of Virginia. Her trip to Argentina and Chile was planned by our destination expert Staci Steele.

    “My husband and I

    The thing that really blew me away, though, was the crescendo of the trip. While everything we did and everywhere we stayed was top-notch, each successive stop and activity just got a little more wonderful than the last. The result was a truly fantastic week and a half that we’ll always cherish. I highly recommend SA Luxury Expeditions to anyone looking to travel in South America, whether you’re looking for a low-key trip or an action-packed adventure. We got a wonderful mix of both and enjoyed every second of it!”
    – Danielle V
    #chile #argentina See more

    4 months ago

    Jaguar vs. Giant Anteater

    ‘Insane’ camera-trap video captures rare battle in the Amazon.
    Jaguar vs. Giant Anteater. Anteater wins!
    #amazon #jaguar #anteater #moveoverhoneybadger

    4 months ago

    Chilean dreams of rescuing box camera photography

    No need to pack the selfie stick if you’re headed for Santiago, Chile
    #santiago #chile #boxcamera

    Luis Maldonado is the last remaining photographer in the main square of the Chilean capital still using a wooden box camera.

    4 months ago

    Timeline Photos

    “Jeanie: Our trip was absolutely magical thanks to all the great organization, preparation, wonderful suggestions and impeccable professional services we received from SA…starting

    Our hotels were fantastic… the food was fantastic…. even though there were unforeseen circumstances such as a protest that shut down all tourist roads throughout the Sacred Valley, SA Expeditions reacted with quickly. I cannot say enough about the drivers (Louis especially) and all the guides who were with us. They were knowledgeable, gracious, always willing to go the extra distance and warm lovely friends. We loved them all. The horse back/hiking trip to Choquechaca was an experience we will never forget. It was Peter’s 65th birthday in Cusco and SA even arranged to have the meal paid for by our thoughtful children.

    In short, it was the best trip we have experienced and we look forward to many more!

    Thanks so much for creating a truly memorable experience…we only regret we did not get to meet you in Lima!

    Thanks again,
    Pam and Peter”

    #peru #peruvianfood #machupicchu #sacredvalley #choquechaca #cicciolina #birthdaytrip See more

    4 months ago

    Timeline Photos

    Laguna Colorada is a 15,000-acre shallow (less than 3 feet deep) salt lake located in southwest Bolivia. The lake is is tinted dark red due to a variety of algae which thrive in the salt water. The See more

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